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DMR RN311M portable radio


The user-friendly and reliable portable radio RN311M provides effective communication in analog as well as digital radio networks (DMR standard).

The product is equipped with GLONASS/GPS receiver and communications recorder. High-capacity battery provides operation without recharging for at least 12 hours.

The product has proven to be an economical and easy-to-use communication tool for everyday use.

Additional equipment

  • AKB RN311M rechargeable  battery with the capacity of 2500 mAh for the portable radio of RN311M series
  • M manipulator for the portable radio of RN311M series
  • RN311M-KR holster for the portable radio of RN311M series
  • RN311M USB package: USB programming cable, CD with software, User Manual

Configuration options

Item Option
-10 -11 -12
Transceiver 1 1 1
VHF / GPS /GLONASS helical antenna 1 1 1
Charger 1 1 1
Manipulator 1 1
Battery 1 1 2
Holster 1 1
Product certificate 1 1 1
User Manual 1 1 1
Package 1 1 1

Portable radios, mobile radios, base radios and operator consoles can be used to build the Mobile Radio System of DMR standard.

Parameter Value
Analog Digital
Frequency range 146.0—174.0 MHz
Number of channels 16
Transmitter power
— low 0.75 ±0.25 W
— nominal 1.75 ±0.25 W
— high 4.5 ±0.5 W
Receiver sensitivity, not worse than 0.5 μV
Modulation types FM
(16K8F class of emission)
(11K8F class of emission)
Frequency spacing 25/12.5 kHz 12.5 kHz
Radiolink protocol   ETSI TS 102 361, TierII, TierIII
Vocoder   AMBE2+
Noise reducer yes no 
GLONASS/GPS receiver included  no yes
"ManDown" function  no yes
Built-in communications recorder  no yes
Emergency call button yes
Duration of operation without battery recharge

≥12 h

Battery voltage 7.2 V
Dimensions 115х62х38 mm
Weight 0.31 kg
Operating temperature range –25…+50 °C
MTBF  ≥45 000 h
Service life ≥6 years


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